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Gamification has become one of the most exciting UX design trends in recent years. Regardless of the “seriousness” of the tasks we perform using apps, we still prefer those mobile experiences that give us laughter and fun. Gamification can become an excellent solution for many apps. It empowers us to transform even the most tedious processes and daily activities into the fun for users. Here we will consider this concept under a magnifying glass, as well as the benefits of gamification in UX design.

What is gamification, and why do we need fun?

Designing for inclusivity by Maria Gabriela Sanchez Mallona

Human is initially imperfect. However, is imperfection something bad? Imperfection means a diversity of forms, meanings, experiences, and perspectives. The human body is imperfect because of a variety of individual peculiarities. The human mind is imperfect because we all have diverse views, thoughts, and life experiences. If it all were perfect, we’d probably lived in a society of clones and boring copies.

With a very blurry understanding of what is “normal,” we usually design things that fall into this category. Most often, we miss the needs of those who are different, those who don’t match our concept of “normal.” Here…

Think of who does really spend 24/7 with you, all day and even night long? It’s likely your mobile device. We used to manage most of life on mobile phones and tablets using various applications. Amid the COVID lockdown, people spend even more time-consuming mobile content than ever before. As a consequence of this, the mobile app development industry is on the rise now. Today, many brands realize the urgent demand for having their own mobile application to be tightly connected with their customers and run their businesses online more successfully.

Probably, you look for a research-based recommendation of a…

Illustration by Divin Creador

The world has been shaken by social, economic, and environmental challenges. Moving forward into 2021, people expect to live sunnier lives and breathe more freely this year. Are digital and social distancing restrictions going to remain in the past? We don’t know yet, but we know for sure that we need to provide our support to the community by the means we have. I see digital illustration and graphic design as a great way to empower people and inspire them to continue moving forward through the challenges to the future.

Beautiful illustrations breathing with calmness and tranquility. Fantasy backgrounds with…

Clay Vaporwave logo by Clay

Graphic design trends usually reflect what people experienced in recent times. This year, they went through a lot. Naturally, graphic design has absorbed these changes and given birth to new styles or brought some old-school trends back to life. Here you can find an outlook of several trends in graphic design that appeared many years ago and resurrected today.

Mesmerizing Psych-Out

We may remember psych-out from old American movies about hippies, psychedelic music and recreational drugs. It looks like a flash of bold colors, weird forms and psychedelic motifs. This style is fun, playful, and hypnotic. …

Product design is one of the main differentiators in the digital competition. It plays a particular role and helps the brand to make a powerful impression on a target audience. An outstanding design is about not only how it looks but also how it feels in use. Great digital product design must be functional and convenient, first of all. A human-oriented product should address the target user’s critical problems and provide inclusive, user-friendly solutions.

All forward-thinking product creators are looking for a designer or design team to help them implement a user-centered design in reality. However, hiring the right professional…

Brand Asset by Design@BBVA

The animation is the dynamic and beautiful energy that makes the product visually impressive and the brand stronger. Many may wonder how to stand out on the modern web if more and more companies start using animated videos for their promotion. I would suggest following your inner call to innovate and setting your own trends in everything you do.

Although this article features the six most amazing and innovative animation styles that I discovered in today’s digital landscape, it also encourages brands and creators to give birth to new trends. The industry waits for your own innovation.

What is innovation…

“Eternity belongs to those who live in the present.” Ludwig Wittgenstein

The ancient superball by Nina Geometrieva

What is our future? Travels to Mars, flying vehicles, voice-controlled homes, robots, drones, and urbanistic landscapes? Partially. It is so close that we can feel the wind from its wings on our cheeks. It’s being created at every moment of our lives. It’s being created by everyone, but it’s defined by the determined, resilient, creative, and innovation-driven.

Your every single decision contributes to this world’s future. Every digital design decision contributes to the future look and feel of human-technology interaction. What is the digital present and future?

Sustainability in Design by habitat

The Earth is a big mom embracing all of us in its huge hugs. Awful things are now happening around the world. They aren’t an accidental event coincidence. The Earth is breathing harder than earlier. I’m not speaking paranoically, and I’m not a fan of pro-apocalyptic videos on YouTube. I’m talking about very obvious and globally known things soaring in the air and trying to whisper to everyone, “think of sustainability for your own future…”

  • The world has already lost 80% of its forests and we’re continually losing them at a rate of 375 km2 per day!

Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Fireart Studio

2020 — what’s your first association with it? The pandemic, recession, closed stores, staying alone at home for a long time… But it’s also about the shift of mindset, reestimation of life values, disruptive changes, the end of the old, and the birth of the new. Everyone has approached things in a different way after the events experienced in 2020. We all expect a little bit more sunshine in 2021. Graphic design is how you can give it to everyone in the digital space when we are still staying mostly at home.

Here I suggest graphic design trends that can…

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