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Gamification has become one of the most exciting UX design trends in recent years. Regardless of the “seriousness” of the tasks we perform using apps, we still prefer those mobile experiences that give us laughter and fun. Gamification can become an excellent solution for many apps. It empowers us to transform even the most tedious processes and daily activities into the fun for users. Here we will consider this concept under a magnifying glass, as well as the benefits of gamification in UX design.

What is gamification, and why do we need fun?

Unleashing creativity. Encouraging survivalism. Supporting everyone.


Bold, brave, and unconventional decisions — this is what stands out in the people’s news feeds, makes them stop scrolling for a while, and motivates extraordinary thinking. Creative provocation is a kind of care, as it supports the unprotected, makes the powerful aware of existing problems, and encourages everyone to co-create a better future regardless of the harshest conditions.

Let’s talk about the design that reminds people of their purpose, tears the veil from their eyes, and breaks out through the borders of their comfort zone. Creative provocation is a design decision to uncover the truth and raise awareness about…

Are you sure you understand what “the old” means? Before answering, just check this list of unbelievably cool Instagram influencers over 60 years old.

Source: RODNAE Production on Pexels

Life after 60 years old reimagined. It might be adventurous, stylish, and creative. These elderly influencers prove that. Glamorous grandmas are taking over Instagram with their extraordinary content that inspires thousands of their followers with a significant part of young people among them. This is one of the most exciting influencer marketing trends that have been around for the past few years, and it’s on the rise in 2021 too.

These women over 60 years old are rethinking the concept of the “cool” from a new perspective. They post creative photos of their lifestyles, fashionable outfits, and outrageous thoughts on…

We are witnessing the dawn of next-gen finance. These fintech companies and startups are among the most impactful digital disruptors bringing it to reality in 2021 and beyond.

Source: Executium on Unsplash

During these tough economic times, many financial innovations were born as the crisis demanded shifts in current business strategies and consumer journeys. Although most of them haven’t become immune to the political, social, and economic turmoil caused by the COVID Recession, they are definitely ushering in the next generation of banking products — more inclusive, secure, and adjusted for modern lifestyles.

From blockchain ledgers for open banking and financial inclusion, artificial intelligence algorithms, biometric verification, and voice-driven interfaces to big data analytics to machine learning — fintech firms are using powerful technologies to make financial services digital, accessible, and affordable…

My first influencer pitch was terrible. Over the years, I’ve crystalized these simple tips on writing an outreach email that piques interest.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

You might be sure that investing in producing great content will definitely show up. And it will. However, your content sometimes needs a boost and endorsement to get noticed and start appearing at the top of searches. Influencer marketing is an effective practice that can help your brand find its audience much faster.

Hundreds of brands spend a lot of effort, time, and money to collaborate with influencers. But only a few succeed in this. A significant percentage of companies are not even answered when reaching out to creators. There are multiple reasons why, from an irrelevant offer to a…

Like any innovation, artificial intelligence drives excitement and contradictory opinions at the same time. It can open tremendous opportunities for the future of finance and the planet.

The future of finance can be promising if it’s driven by innovation, technology, and the common good. Fintech startups, neo banks, and nonbank challengers bring it to reality by creating innovative technologies that foster social inclusion and sustainability in financial services. The question is how ready are banks to embrace this change? Currently, the financial industry has two scenarios simultaneously with organizations that are genuinely inspired to participate in fintech advancement and those that only emulate the participation while duct-taping the gaps in financial systems with obsolete technologies. Throughout centuries, the engines of traditional banks have been working on oil…

NLP-driven sentiment analysis can enable banks to shape a truly customer-first experience.

Photo by Bilge Tekin on Unsplash

Antiquated thinking, outmoded operating models, and inaccessible support still have a place in many financial companies. In recent years, digital transformation has started entering the financial industry with online banking solutions and fintech applications, making financial services more accessible and convenient for customers. However, banking can open much more appealing opportunities and fill the gaps in customer service by using NLP-driven sentiment analysis.

For financial companies, sentiment analysis acquires greater significance as it allows understanding the customer behavioral and emotional response to various service-related issues and the bank image in general. …

Since volumes of textual data increase, natural language processing becomes an effective tool for financial analysis. Here are four ways it helps.

Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

The language is the substance absorbing information from the epochs, reflecting social trends and giving a profound insight into things happening to us, humans, today. It’s the most natural communication medium for us. It’s an environment where technology can learn to think like a human, make the best decisions, and predict the most likely future. What about the future of finance? Modern finance is being swayed not only by numbers but also by words. …

Entering a more conscious life and design. The greener one.

Matcha Green Tea by Damian Kidd

The comfortable life is a thing that the majority is very unlikely to refuse for some bigger mission. Many continue living their comfortable lives, not being really happy in it. People irrevocably lose their chances to make a change staying silent and hidden behind the daily routine that blinds them in the face of the future. The reason for unhappiness might lie in the lack of the goal, the mission behind life. However, everyone’s goal exists…

We’re seeking ways to make a difference in this world, but the first place we should consider is our own life and the work…

Are you seeking a trusted app development company for a long-term partnership? You’re in the right place! Here we provide a brief overview of the best app developers for startups for 2021.

From day one, most startups are concerned with the question “How to find the best technology partner.” Whether you plan to develop an application for Android, iOS, Windows, or a cross-platform one, you will need the help of a highly professional and experienced app development team. Finding the right software development company for a long-term partnership is usually challenging and requires a lot of research. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best app development companies with immense expertise in working with startups. …

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